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The Girl in The City

She gleamed through the window, waiting patiently,
the dew from the night before, collecting on the window sill,
she gazes at the world outside, longing to peel away the mystery,
The secrets being hidden by the new scenery
She sits patiently, waiting for the city to invite her, to caress her, to disguise her, to hypnotize her
Her feet tingle, fraught with a new sensation, a glimmer in her eyes, not a hint of care on her brow
She gets on her feet, and rushes across the room, her hair flowing, struggling to keep up with her,
running towards a new world, towards her destiny,
her dash for Wanderlust, will forever echo within a lens, after all, patience was never her strong suite
Within the bowels of a new city, happiness has found her, her face lights up with a knowing smile, cos the light at the end of the tunnel,
is what she finally thinks has found her
She wakes up the next morning, the familiar dew collecting on the window sill,
but both the window and scenery, escape recognition to her mind
And She smiles that knowing smile, a glimmer in her eyes and not a care on her brow to bind her to her previous life

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